Lenmak at a Glance

The Future of Exterior Innovations: Flawless From Fabrication to finish.

Architects: From just a short glance of four projects, you'll know why we're:  

  •  One of the most innovative suppliers of eye-catching exterior panels on the market
  •  Revolutionizing the insulated panel industry with our EnvaTherm product line 
  •  Known to give an "aesthetic punch" to your exteriors while remaining affordable, durable, and fast to deliver.
  • A rapidly growing, preferred manufactuer for many architectural firms in our area.
  • Going to be your next exterior panel supplier!


Wayne Mack, Manager of Architectural Products at Clark Builders:  

“We chose Lenmak because of their ability to have a highly customizable panel. With their equipment, manufacturing ability and automation, Lenmak could provide a lot of customization into their panels.”